Dodging and weaving Quebec’s Bill 21 on the campaign trail - Canadians United Against Bill 21
Canadians United Against Bill 21

Dodging and weaving Quebec’s Bill 21 on the campaign trail

September 09, 2019

Politics Insider for Sept. 9: Cuzner’s regret, how to fight trolls and the credibility question facing the leaders

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Unchallenged: Will Quebec’s Bill 21 banning civil servants from wearing religious symbols be an issue in the campaign? Given the tap dancing around the debate among MPs representing the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP on CBC’s The House, it seems all three parties would deeply prefer if it didn’t. But some positions became clearer — Conservative MP Gerard Deltell vowed a Scheer government would not challenge the Quebec bill in court while NDP MP Guy Caron, whose boss wouldn’t not be allowed to wear his turban if he worked for the provincial government, said the party still “respect(s) the right of Quebeckers” on the issue. Other positions remained murky as ever — asked directly and repeatedly if Trudeau would launch a legal challenge against the bill after the election, Liberal MP Marc Miller refused to deviate from his talking point: “You can expect the Prime Minister to behave precisely the way Canadians expect him to behave.”

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